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Games Under the Radar #5


April 29, 2019

Ciao Peasonos, in this issue of Games under the Radar we are going over a game, that although is doing supremely well has received a lack of attention here in the states, and is just fun to play with some friends after school...

Games Under The Radar #4


April 11, 2019

Ciao Peasanos, in this addition of Games Under The Radar we are going over a game that I enjoy but is under a pop culture that somewhat spoiled the game, putting it under the classification of another Call of Cthulhu game,...

Risk of Rain 2


April 11, 2019

Ciao, I know I should be working on the next issue of Games Under The Radar, but this game just dropped for early acess for a limited time and I am so exited I have waited for a bit over seven years now. . I am quite literaly...

Games Under The Radar #3


April 8, 2019

Ciao Peasanos in this edition of Games under the radar we are going over a game that almost snuck past me as well. This little cutie of a game is a game that supports a nice aesthetics commonly known as "HD-2D" which looks...

Games Under the Radar #2

Papa John

March 14, 2019

Ciao Peasanos welcome back to Games Under the Radar, in this edition we will be going over an adorably hard game Hollow Knight.   Hallow Knight is a game for people who like a challenge. This Game is a good puzzl...

She-ra and the princesses of power

Blaise Araiza

February 14, 2019

Have you ever wanted to feel anger, sadness and confusion all at the same time like a girlfriend that broke up with you for no good reason, Adeline! .... Then she-ra and the princesses of power is for you. She-ra is an animate...

Games Under the Radar #1

Games Under the Radar #1

February 5, 2019