Games Under the Radar #1


Papa John

Ciao paesanos, in this new game review series, we will be diving into games that have been missed by most mainstream media.In our first review we will go over a personal favorite, A cult classic that has a loyal but small fan base Earth Defense Force.

EDF is an old games series that allows you to feel like a child again, it’s like power ranger, G.I Joe, and Godzilla. The reboot of the series came out in America late 2018, this game is a joke and a  good one, plus it knows it, taking full advantage. The game has a bad story that isn’t important but will get a laugh out of you, the game play is just ridiculous as you play as a new member of the EDF fighting giant monsters that look like insects but they are like nothing seen on earth, and aliens that look just like us, but they are giant frogs, and more but that would dive into spoilers. You get for classes to play as. The Ranger the basic soldier that is always fun to play, easy to learn when. picking up the game for the first time. The Wingdiver an only female class made for flying high with a design based from old anime(Japanese animations). The Air Raider, a personal favorite, with this class you can place traps, sentries, call in air raids, artillery, vehicles, even giant mechs to just have some fun. The last and most definitely not least is the fencer, this high armor slow moving tank of a class is there to kick butt and chew gum, and if you master this class you’ll be all out of butt. This game is always fun and even better with friends you can play two players local as co-op or vs, online the game can go up to four, with great chaos and childlike violence. This game comes with okay graphics with the purpose of looking bad with fine details, the voice acting is hysterical as it aims to make a joke out of it self that just drags people back in to play more. The game play is the most effective seller, you can blast though the game on easy, if you’re a looser, or you can unlock inferno mode and play like a real champion as they bring back this classic game difficulty that brings nothing but carnage, laughs, and a good time as you get tossed to the other end of the map with ragdoll that would get anyone to laugh. This game has a couple of swears so I sadly cannot suggest it for kids, but it is a great game for anyone twelve and up. Other than not being able to suggest it to ever one old enough to hold a controller with the ability to press buttons, the only complaint I have is that EDF5 is only coming out on to PS4, where the rest of the series have always been available to all the consoles. If you have a ps4 get it, please you wont regret it, and if you don’t, get one of the older games in the series they are always worth a laugh