Lakeside High School Academic Spirit Week!

The Lakeside Lancers will have their first Pep Rally and Spirit Week of the second semester and 2019 year. At this Pep Rally, we will be honoring the students who have achieved and maintained a high GPA in the first semester. The theme of this Pep Rally is The Walk of Fame. The Pep Rally is on the 8th of February and the Spirit Week on the week of the 4th through the 8th.

The Spirit Days Include:

Monday 2/4 – Oscar Day: Become the next Oscar by wearing yellow or gold.

Tuesday 2/5 – Famous Tee Day: Wear a shirt with your favorite celebrity, actor, band, or musician.

Wednesday 2/6 – Pajama Party – Get comfy! Wear your favorite pajamas and just chill!

Thursday 2/7 – Paparazzi Day – Hide from the paparazzi by wearing a hoodie and sunglasses!

Friday 2/8 – Red Carpet Day – Dress to impress and be ready to walk down the Red Carpet! Also it’s Rally Day!