Population Growth in Schools

Population Growth in Schools

Alyssa Takeshita-Kaufman, Author

Have you ever noticed that schools seem to have too many students? There is never enough room for everyone? That is because there has been an increase in the student population in recent years.

According to a teacher in the Lake Elsinore Unified School District, some classroom teachers have had to switch  to being roaming teachers in order to educate the increasing student body. Roaming teachers are those who travel from classroom to classroom throughout the day who do not have their own classroom. They would teach a class and then move to another to teach there just as the students move to different classes. This has been put into place because there is sometimes not enough classroom space to accommodate all teachers.

Another side effect of the growing population is an increase of mobile classrooms being put onto school property. This is because schools are often built with a set number of students in mind, but on many campuses, this number has been exceeded. This can sometimes lead to overcrowding in schools. Overcrowding can cause a lack of control on campus and can have a negative effect on its students. Students who attend schools that experience overcrowding are more prone to negative thoughts such as drug use, the creation of gangs, and can lead to them not seeking higher education. This can also lead to issues later in life such as poverty or trouble finding a job. These aren’t the only problems however. Available resources often stay the same but as the population continues to grow, materials and resources become increasingly more difficult to split between those who need them.

Teachers and resources aren’t the only things that are  affected by the increase in students. The students themselves are also affected. Population growth is an increasing issue in today’s society and will continue to be unless we do something about it. Many problems arise as a result of this including roaming teachers, the moving in of temporary classrooms, less resources to go around, a lack of control because of the increase of students, and the negative thoughts of students. One solution to this problem is to build more and/or bigger schools as well as figure out a way to get some of these issues under control.