Games Under the Radar #5


Ciao Peasonos, in this issue of Games under the Radar we are going over a game, that although is doing supremely well has received a lack of attention here in the states, and is just fun to play with some friends after school or work. Monster Hunter World, or MHW for short. MHW is Capcom best selling game ever, yet I find a strong lack of talking about it with in our community when talking about video games. This game has a great cost for the story and general exploration when hunting, or going through the main story. For those wondering in this game you hunt monsters, collect resources used to upgrade your gear and fluffy Palico companion, thats it. you hunt its in the name, simple yet extremely well executed concept. The graphics have had an extreme boost from the other games so it doesn’t look like a PS2 game. Do to the change and update to ┬áseries they can’t just pull monsters from the old games and plug them in they have to create them from scratch, so for the lack of monsters at the moment they made all new monsters free when they add then to the game, dlc is for cosmetics and emotes. The amount of customization in this game is nice, for both character creation and play style. The story is nice, but not the main focus of the game, which fits perfictly with just wanting to relax and hunt some monsters while looking like an absolute Bad mother trucker, or absolutely ridicules. There are fourteen different weapon types in the game each with there own branching tree upgrade list, I would go into great deal of how each weapon works and why they are unique in there own different ways, but I only know how to use half the roster, and think JoCat can explain it better, warning he swears. The small things in the game that are nice to do are, mining, collecting herbs and resources, catching smaller wild life like birds and fish, and hunting small monsters who attack you when hunting a large monsters, the pricks. The animations and cut scenes are well done and nice to watch, also everything with the Palico is adorable, thanks Capcom. This game is available on PC, PS4, and XboxOne. On a side note the big expansion is coming in the fall bringing us the Iceborne expansion, so I am hyped up for all new monsters, maps, armor, weapons, and hopefully some new hunters.