Risk of Rain 2


Ciao, I know I should be working on the next issue of Games Under The Radar, but this game just dropped for early acess for a limited time and I am so exited I have waited for a bit over seven years now. . I am quite literaly bouncing in my seat. This new game is an endless 3d rougelike with new and some old characters showing up to continue the endless onslaught of constant traveling trying to get off the planets alive. The first game is a 2d pixel rougelike with so much replay ability, I played till completion a great game for speed running and reading item description monster logs rich with your characters dialog as they try to survive on the the cold planets where majority of things try to kill you. The OST is amazing and fits the game, beautifully, I am having a hard time typing with how exited I am. Risk of Rain is out on Pc, PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo switch. The maps are all randomly generated, with secrets to find and charters to unlock. I have only one complain to the two people who created the second game, and that is the commandos design he looks cooler, with a shaper design in the first game, and a bit more bubbly in the second game, but I am going to love it anyway. The developers of Risk of rain are a college team of  two from University of Washington.  The due go by the name of Hopoo Games

This wonderful team have created another game I will suggest DeadBolt, a good 2d puzzle stealth shooter. on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch I’m not sure if its on Xbox One, but if it is Coolios, if not oh well. 


They have worked with Chris Christodoulou who have created the music for the three games, and his own tracks I would highly suggest giving a listening to, heck maybe even buying them. Anyway back to work, I just had to get this out there, I understand these games aren’t for everyone, but I would suggest playing them, I can promise you’ll have a challenging enjoyable time with a couple of runs. Anyway have a good one and see you in the next review.