Games Under The Radar #4


Ciao Peasanos, in this addition of Games Under The Radar we are going over a game that I enjoy but is under a pop culture that somewhat spoiled the game, putting it under the classification of another Call of Cthulhu game, but it is a good one for people who haven’t read the works of H.P Lovecraft or played one of the others games. H.P Lovecraft, for those who don’t know, is considered one of the most influential writhers in the twenty first century, most horror films, books, and games are based off of his works. So based on that information you could probably put together that this is a horror game, if you didn’t get that you must have failed your investigation roll. Not only is this a games based off of the books, but also the table top (really fun I would suggest playing with friends). The OST is used to set up the unsettled tone through out the whole game as you try to unravel the mystery of Darkwater island and the Hawkings case. But on the topic of Darkwater and the Hawkings case lets get to the story. You play as detective and World war one veteran Edward Pierce (voiced by the talented Anthony Howell) during 1924, you start the game in a nightmare, waking up in a cold sweat Pierce sits up having fallen asleep on the couch in his office. At this point you can explore the office and learn about Edward and be given a decision that will affect the game. With the fancy 1924 radio playing in the background, that sounds just a tad bit creepy, when you turn it off you get a phone call from the investigative agency informing you that you need to get more work done to stay on the company payroll, also in a resent fire has burned down some records. Time to put you points in to the stats, you have the base stats  and the extra you get spot hidden, you ability to find all the little secrets, Eloquence is how you can talk with people word play, Strength is just your ability to call on you physical prowess for fights and forcing things, Psychology your ability to read peoples body language and actions, Investigation your ability to do your job and put one and two together to make three also lockpicking, the next two skills Medicine and Occultism, can only upgraded here through the rest of the game you have to find books and cave drawlings to increases them. Medicine is for examining wounds and other medical related things, and Occultism is your knowledge of the past events, and mythos. After that a man knocks at the door starting your investigation into the Hawkings family case. This game is classified as a survival-horror rpg, devloped by Cyanid studio. To cut it short its a good game, I would suggest playing it if you can its out on Pc, Xbox, Ps4, and Nintendo, Switch. The game has multiple endings, good for replay ability.