Games Under The Radar #3

April 8, 2019

Ciao Peasanos in this edition of Games under the radar we are going over a game that almost snuck past me as well. This little cutie of a game is a game that supports a nice aesthetics commonly known as “HD-2D” which looks beautiful for what they where going for. Before I forget the lovely people at SquareEnix and Aquire created this amazing game that did not get as much attention it deserves. This game uses the Unreal 4 engine which will be used in more games coming out and some games that have already came out. Game play wise it is a good game classic turn based combat, for the strategist or the people who just want to take their time, or maybe both.  The story is charming I would go into it but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. But to give you a little taste, a quick sample of the splendid world building, “Set in the land of Orsterra, the Order of the Sacred Flame believed their world was created by thirteen deities before twelve were forced to seal the fallen god Galdera, who refused to relinquish what they created, within the afterworld that can be accessed through the sealed Gate of Finis. This is a story of eight different protagonists each with their own quest” wiki~. I would go into the characters but its an rpg it isn’t hard to figure out what characters are there, Support, DPS, Tank, Rouge, etc. also the characters are nice and are in general better to grow a connection to them via playing the game instead of hearing it from a social award game reviewer. The OST is great, its a jumble of emotions that fit everything and the characters, also its over three hours long for great over the countless hours you’ll spend trying to find all the collectables thanks Yasunori Nishiki, the games composers. This game is a Wonderful Role-playing game out for the Nintendo switch and ps4 I’m sorry PC and Xbox users.

I would highly suggest this game to people who have enjoyed any Turn based combat game, and to those who are interested in exploring trying to get into these kind of games, or just having fun.

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