Games Under the Radar #2

Papa John

Ciao Peasanos welcome back to Games Under the Radar, in this edition we will be going over an adorably hard game Hollow Knight.


Hallow Knight is a game for people who like a challenge. This Game is a good puzzle game, with story that is in the details.  This delight of a game was developed and published by the team of Team Cherry. A great plus to this game is all the DLC for this game is adorable and free.  The OST (Original sound track) is well orchestrated  and sets a dark ton with a mood of mystery. As not to spoil anything I will give s summary of my first hour of game play and story. You play as a character who most others will refer as little shadow or knight. After traveling for an unspecified amount of time you reach a quite town known as Dritmouth (the fading town), the game waist no time letting you know the atmosphere, although the game is cute it is dark, when you arrive in Dirtmouth it is barren with only one person, the mayor who welcomes you into town and informs you that every one when missing, a subject to be explained later in the game. To be short you continue forth after resting on a little bench (game save locations), you come a cross a well, the entrance to a long descend kingdom known as the Hallownest. Now this is where my lack of vocabulary to describe this game comes in, so I will put it in a way that I hate to do, compare it to another game. It’s cute 2d dark souls, different story some challenging concept that pushes you to lousing 200000 souls, I mean Geos, because you forgot to go to a campfire to level up, I mean go back to Dartmouth to purchase all the items. Platforming  that is almost utterly impossible and rage inducing that you press on anyway because you know that getting pass that challenge is going to feel so good that you sigh in relief get some water, laugh in joy, take a shower, have a snack, and then  go on to the next addicting challenge. It is a game that teaches you the valuable lesson of “if at first you don’t succeed, use WW2 Russia strategies, by throwing yourself at it until you succeed” and with time like anything you will eventually get better then question how much time you’ve spent as its suddenly next weekend. To compare it to another game, it’s like shovel knight but harder, but always fun. So if you like cute things with a challenge and a good story to get you questioning and wanting more as you go along, I would suggest this game.

This game is  avalible  to all platforms current ones senses 2017 Switch, Microsoft, Xbox-one, PS4, MacOS, Linux.