She-ra and the princesses of power

Blaise Araiza

Image result for she ra and the princesses of powerHave you ever wanted to feel anger, sadness and confusion all at the same time like a girlfriend that broke up with you for no good reason, Adeline! …. Then she-ra and the princesses of power is for you. She-ra is an animated Netflix original series that is produced by dreamwork and developed by Noelle Stevenson. The show is about an orphan girl named Adora who was raised by the evil army the horde and uses the sword of protection to defeat the evil horde. Adora is also accompanied by two friends the best boy Bow and the failure Glimmer. They must gather the princesses of power to defeat the horde and save the magical world of Etheria.

The first episode starts with our Adora training with others to defeat robots that look like princesses in a simulation. This is where the first problem of the show appears, and is the main problem of the show, a lot of characters don’t have an important role to the the story or even show up for the majority of the show. The people that Adora trains with exept for Catra don’t show up again until the later half of the show and even then they only get to grunt. This happens to all the princesses you meet in the show, they get one episode to shine and then are tossed to the side like gold at the bottom of the ocean, wasted potential. Anyway back to the story, after training and defeating the robot in the simulation Adora is praised by one of the main villains shadow weaver and gets promoted to squad commander and her BFF Catra is toats jelly of her rank up in the evil system. Adora wants to make Catra feel better, so she steals a vehicle and goes to the illusion forest to have fun or whatever horde girls do nowadays. They crash because Catra wants to drive the vehicle and Adora won’t let her, so they crash and immediately find the almighty sword of protection. They leave because Adora starts to trip-out when she touches the sword, they leave the sword and go back to base to sleep .

the scene cuts to Glimmer getting scolded by her mother ,the queen, for disobeying orders and most likely killing all her squad. She goes to her room like the failure she is and complains about her mother not thinking she is strong enough, even though she was definitely not strong enough because she teleported right the heck out of there killing all the army she had with her. Then the best boy Bow shoots an arrow into her room and sends her a message to go outside. She tells him that she has been grounded again, and he tells her he has a plan to make her mom not be upset with her by finding a powerful piece of tech in the forest of illusion, so ignoring her mothers’ anger she’s off to find the sword. This is a good time to bring up a good thing about the show, a lot of the characters are really charming, Bow is one of the more charming ones but there a few others that make you go, wow that didn’t make my blood pressure go up again. A thing that does upset me is the fact that tech is a thing, it wouldn’t be a problem if everything revolted around magic but it doesn’t, so I as the watcher have to deal with tech as the source of all power which would be fine if they didn’t call it magic because there are a ton of things in this show that becomes far more complicated than it needs to be, even though calling everything magic would have, one made everything less complicated and two made the finally of the first season filled with less wait, what?

Adora wakes up after having another sword hallucination dream and wants to go back because she has a feeling that she is destined to have the sword or whatever. she finds the sword again and talks to a mysterious sword lady in the sword but Bow and failure are there to and as the strong and talented person Adora has been shown to be, she gets is easily captured and does not try to escape. This is another major problem with the show, a lot of the characters just don’t do anything that is logical for them to do or do things that make no sense at all. I get that characters have emotions and that makes you do things you wouldn’t do all the time but most of the time, they do something that makes no sense character wise. take the last scene I mentioned before, Adora a horde soldier born and raised does not even try to escape from her sworn enemy, a princess even though it is shown she hates them.

The episode ends with Adora, Bow and failier getting chased by a bug and Adora transforming into She-ra. After all is said and done, at the end of the day she-ra and the princesses of power is just bad. it has some moments of good but most of it is just unfocused, charming garbage that only got praise because its progressive but even that is far and few between. The only good thing I can say about the show is that if you have a good friend willing to suffer with you and make fun of the show, it actually becomes enjoyable. thank you for reading my review and I hope you have a good day, I also hope Glimmer gets run over a bus in the next season on April 26, 2019.